December may not be the most pleasant month to potter in the garden, but if you are looking at investing in good decking in Wirral or Flintshire for your plot next year, now’s the time to ensure your garden is given the best possible help.

Vine care is one of the top December jobs recommended to green-fingered individuals by Guy Barter, chief horticultural adviser for the Royal Horticultural Society, writing for iNews.

The best place to start when caring for vines through the winter season, he advised, is to commence pruning as soon as the leaves start to fall from the vines.

Barter recommended doing this now because if you leave it too late, it could damage the plant.

“Spring pruning leads to ‘bleeding’ sap, which could weaken the vines,” he said.

On top of this, now is the time to protect your roots so they do not freeze and rot when the ground gets too cold.

Beetroot, turnip, swede and celeriac will all rot after frost, so Barter advised bringing them into the shed and storing them in a box of sand out of the way of pets. A shed, he said, is better than inside the house, because a home is too warm and will lead to sprouting and lack of flavour.

And if all this work leaves your garden feeling a little bare this winter, then get organised in time for next winter and plant plenty of bushes that bear berries in your garden for a pop of festive colour, Kent Online suggests.  Bespoke Gardens specialise in planting and garden landscaping in North Wales & Wirral, call them today for a free quotation.