The cold weather is setting in but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your garden design for your Flintshire home over the winter, or consider dropping some gardening-themed gifts onto your Christmas list for yourself or your loved ones.

The Independent has compiled a list of top purchases that will light up the faces of anybody with a big gardening project in the works.

Japanese Shears

Japanese topiary shears are a valuable gift, and those from Nikawi are well known throughout the gardening community for their sharpness, ease of use and neat cut.

Quality Gardening Gloves

Keeping hands dry and warm when gardening is important to the regular gardener and the Spear and Jackson Kew collection available from John Lewis offers both, while being robust, strong and flexible.

Bee Pot

If you know somebody with a gardening project that includes something very special to be potted, the Wichford Pottery bee pot is a high-value gift idea for the gardener who knows quality.

Monty Don’s book

Down to Earth, Monty Don’s book on gardening wisdom is a charming gift idea for keen gardeners who will not be doing much outside in winter, preferring instead to curl up with a good read.


Truffle Tree

Finally, the Eden Project shop is selling Truffle Trees, allowing gourmets to plan their own truffle trees so they can enjoy one of the world’s most famous delicacies home-grown.

A Day Out?

A day out is always a nice gift for a loved one and gives you something to look forward to. We recently listed some of the best flower shows taking place in 2018, which could inspire a ticket purchase for somebody’s stocking this year.