Many of the customers who come to us for the best garden design Flintshire has to offer want a beautiful garden, but aren’t the most green-fingered of people. Even if you are a keen gardener, knowing how to combine flowers and foliage in the best way for the British garden really is a trained skill.

While you await your landscaping, who better to get some garden advice from than Alan Titchmarsh? One thing that could help your garden planning is meters and monitoring, according to his latest column for The Express.

So what does that mean? Basically, it’s about finding out about your garden’s ‘micro climate’ – weather and soil conditions that could mean certain plants thrive while others struggle.

Rainfall is of particular interest and fortunately can be measured with a funnel rain gauge which can usually be bought for just a few pounds. Alan’s tips for using? Tip out daily after taking measurements, so it’s not affected by evaporation.

To test the wind, you can buy a gadget again for under £10, which can be attached to a post in the garden. This will measure wind speed and even sometimes wind chill factor.

A soil thermometer can be an essential tool when it comes to sowing seeds in spring. Ideally, you should wait until soil temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius before sowing, so this handy tool is indispensable.

But, the most essential bit of kit? A soil acidity testing kit. Alan says we should do this when we move house and every few years after.