If you’ve got a green-fingered loved one and are still looking for a few stocking fillers, there are some great products out there for gardeners.

Given the rise of smaller spaces, particularly in urban areas, there are a range of products that are designed by landscaping specialists especially for those who don’t have a lot of room, but who want to make their balcony or yard as green and inviting as possible.

The Telegraph recently highlighted a few of the best options, including bottle top waterers, which can turn any water bottle into a watering can, the Urbalive worm composter, and a set of mini snips that are ideal when deadheading in a tight space.

If you feel like you want to push the boat out and know that your loved one would benefit from a bit of help in their garden, you could offer to get them some help with garden design in Flintshire.

Bringing in a professional landscape gardener to advise on how to make best use of their limited space, as well as to give them tips on which plants will thrive in their outdoor area, could be just what they need to create their very own green oasis.

Germiston City News recently highlighted the versatility of container gardening, noting that plants in pots can add versatility to any outdoor space, as well as being a great way to create a focal point and introduce additional colour to your balcony or garden.

You don’t have to limit yourself in terms of what you grow either, with a host of vegetable crops that can easily be cultivated in containers.

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