Now that a new year has begun, gardeners all over the UK can start preparing their gardens for spring and working out what they want to grow, how they want to grow it and what changes they want to see in their outdoor spaces.

Predictions abound at the moment as to what’s going to be big news in 2018 and what’s going to fade into obscurity – and the Daily Telegraph is following suit, publishing some of what it expects to be making waves over the next 12 months where our gardens are concerned.

Interestingly, it seems that the humble lawnmower is on the way out thanks to none other than TV gardener Monty Don, who thinks that people should be using scythes to keep their lawns in heck instead.

Indoor gardening is also expected to continue being popular well into 2018, although it could move into the interesting sphere of aquascaping – the building of planted aquariums at home.

As for our outdoor spaces, grasses, cordylines, phormiums and ferns will come increasingly to the fore, while chilli plant sales are forecast to increase as growers focus more on flavour rather than level of heat.

Similarly, Garden Design Magazine has also suggested what it believes will be trendy for the landscape gardener this year, including the growing of unusual edibles – easily done through seed swaps, seed companies and community gardens. What about growing your own cucamelons this year? These are around the size of a grape but have a flavour akin to a cucumber!

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