As all keen gardeners will know, slugs are an absolute pest. They’re both persistent and widespread, and can really destroy a garden if not kept in check. You’re sure to see holes in all your flowers, bulbs, leaves and more if you don’t take action sooner rather than later.

And it looks as though the problem might become even bigger this season, thanks to all the mild weather we’ve been enjoying. According to the Daily Mail, an invasion of slugs is expected over the coming weeks, with about 500 billion expected to hit gardens around the UK.

Figures from charity BugLife show that last year the typical British garden had around 20,000 slugs in it, with each one laying between 20 and 100 eggs.

The trust’s Paul Hetherington was quoted by the news source as saying: “Last year’s wet but very mild conditions means unfortunately we’re in for more of the same. The conditions were perfect for slugs to remain active for a longer period, meaning they were eating more and breeding faster and as a result the little ones were maturing at a quicker rate.”

Keep an eye out for slime trails on leaves, stems and hard surfaces if you’re worried about the slug infestation in your garden. Because there are just so many slugs, you will have to put up with a bit of damage to your plants, but you can put control measures in place to help the situation.

For example, you could put traps down like a scooped-out half orange or some melon skins, emptying them out daily. Or you could use copper tape around plant pots and containers to create a barrier.

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