If you’re intending to go away for a week or two this summer, you may not have given much thought to your garden. But with a bit of preparation, you can ensure that you return to an outdoor space that’s as lush and beautiful as you left it.

An article for the Gainsborough Standard recently offered some advice to homeowners who are going to be away for some time during the summer.

One of the first things to take care of is watering. Either you need to have a system that can deliver water to your plants while you’re away, or you should arrange for a friend or neighbour to come in and water your plants every few days.

If you have plants in pots, you should make sure you move them out of full sun while you’re away too, to prevent them from drying up too much while you’re away if they’re not being watered daily.

You might also be looking at your garden and thinking that it’s time you did some work on it. There are a few things that are good to plant at this time of year, according to the publication.

Setting up a bed of quick-maturing salad plants is one option, with the likes of lettuce, radish and chicory. If you want to bring some fragrance to your garden, Phlox is a great border plant that will add fragrance and attract bees to your garden.

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Another option if you’re looking for something a little bit more low maintenance is to plant wildflowers – these are a great option as they largely take care of themselves and can bring some beautiful flashes of colour to your space.