Now is a perfect time to get planting in Flintshire, as the autumn weather has perfectly softened the ground for keen gardeners.

Chief horticultural adviser for the Royal Horticulture Society Guy Barter told iNews that the ground is in perfect condition for planting some late summer blooms that will brighten up the garden as the clouds draw in.

Barter recommends investing in crimson flag lily for its red and pink flowers, blue-flowered leadwort, and hardy fuchsias, with their red and violet dancer-shaped petals.

It may be too late in the year for sowing fresh lawn seed, but turf can be laid between now and March, and the horticulturist recommends autumn for laying fresh turf, as it is the perfect time of year to root new grass, so it survives a drought if the coming spring is especially dry.

A wildflower turf is something a little different to a standard grass turf and is becoming a popular sight at RHS flower shows. Barter recommends wildflower turf for gardeners looking to establish meadows that will be in full flower come summer.

Finally, the soft ground is perfect for moving blooms indoors safely, with begonias and hibiscus being popular choices for re-planting in pots to keep inside when the frosts roll in.

Recently, TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh recommended British gardeners prepare for autumn by choosing New England asters and sedums for a late summer/early winter garden.

He also suggested gardeners choose crocosmias or montbretia, which are brightly coloured and reflect the autumn palette of orange, red and yellow.