A top priority for anyone thinking about having ponds in Flintshire installed in their gardens has to be how child-friendly and safe these water features are. You may not have children of your own but if you have friends and family that do, you’ll want to take this into account at the design stage.

Data from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) shows that on average five children under the age of six drown each year in garden ponds here in the UK, which should be all the information you need to take steps to make your pond as safe as possible.

According to the ROSPA, the majority of drowning incidents that involve the back garden or pond take place because of a breakdown in supervision, so if there is a child running around make sure there’s always an adult present to keep an eye on proceedings.

Ponds should also always be made inaccessible to young children who may escape supervision. Investing in a mesh or grille is a good idea so it can be put over the pond as a secure cover when children are outside. Chicken wire is not a good substitute as it will sag in the middle with the weight of a child on it.

Another option is erecting a fence around the pond, although make sure that it’s of such a design and height that young children cannot reach the pond.

Alternatively, you could always fill your garden pond in until your child is old enough to be more responsible about their own safety. Perhaps use it as a sandpit until then!