New research has found that you’re more likely to be slim if you live near playing fields, a gym or a swimming pool.

The research, which was first published in the Lancet Public Health Journal, revealed that people living within one kilometre of one of these facilities tended to have a smaller waistline, lower BMI and lower body fat percentage than those who lived further away.

After following 400,000 people across Britain, the researchers noted having multiple such facilities close to home made a difference, as well as being further away from the nearest takeaway.

Lead author Kate Mason, a PhD candidate at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told the Express that the research indicates that “increasing access to local physical activity facilities and, possibly, reducing access to fast food close to residential areas could reduce overweight and obesity at the population level”.

The findings may encourage councils and local sports centres to arrange a sports field service in Flintshire, to ensure their green spaces are in top condition and continue to attract locals for some outdoor exercise.

As well as encouraging people to exercise on their own, businesses could do more to get their staff to be active, an article for Real Business recently suggested.

If you are lucky enough to have an office within easy reach of some green space, think about what you could do to encourage more of your employees to take advantage on their lunch breaks, or before or after work.  Book a commercial landscape gardener in Wirral through Bespoke Gardens to keep your green space usable.

One of the tips offered by AXA PPP healthcare is to make exercise social, as going to do exercise as part of a small group can help people to stay motivated, not to mention giving them an incentive to get out and about in the first place.