Shocking news for hedgehog fans out there  – global populations of this adorable little creature are disappearing faster than tigers… so now’s the time to take action if you’re concerned that you haven’t seen one in your garden recently.

Surrey Wildlife Trust has launched a new campaign calling on people to look out for these prickly little beasts ahead of National Hedgehog Awareness Week (April 30th to May 6th). Animal lovers are now being asked to report any sightings on a new Hedgehog Hotspots webpage.

Since 2002, hedgehog numbers have fallen by almost a third, while in the UK there are now fewer than one million left, with numbers still falling. Back in 1950, the population in the UK was around 30 million, with dwindling numbers being put down to declining hedgerow quality, paving and decking leading to loss of green spaces, chemical use in gardens and farmland, and the over-management of parks.

“Most of the hedgehogs in this country now survive in suburban areas as they have been driven out of more rural areas. But they are still not entirely safe even in our well-manicured back gardens. They can end up as road kill on local roads or be harmed by lawnmowers and bonfires, and they’re increasingly under threat from the effects of climate change, which can potentially alter their hibernation behaviour – so they desperately need our help,” wildlife gardening officer Dawn Fielding said.

Further research from BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine found that 51 per cent of people didn’t spot a hedgehog once in 2016 – so here’s hoping this campaign is successful.

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