Once you have got the best garden design Flintshire has to offer then you should start thinking about what kind of plants you should fill it with.

This time of year is the best time of year to start planting bare-root trees, it is also the time of year that peoples’ minds start to turn to Christmas trees.

Christmas trees are generally one of a variety of evergreen fir trees, and grow well in this country. They can be grown in a pot, or even in the ground, and many people have successes of growing them year round, and bringing them indoors for a week or two, before planting them out again.

What should you grow?

You can grow them from pretty small and can buy them potted if you want to decorate your live tree this year. If you want to prepare for next Christmas, then get a bare rooted tree in the ground between now and February.

The species you can consider are:

Norway Spruce

Nordman Fir

Blue Spruce

Fraser Fir

Serbian Spruce

Douglas Fir

Noble Fir

How should you grow it?

Once you have chosen your Christmas tree it will be fine in a sunny spot in a container or planted directly in the ground.

Be aware however, that once the tree is over 6ft the root spread of the tree is unlikely to fit in a container. If you bring the tree in that Christmas then you may have to chop some of the roots off. This won’t necessarily damage the tree, but does mean that when you plant it back in the garden you will need to stake the tree, as it will no longer be as secure.