If you are looking to dig a new pond in your Flintshire garden in 2018, take heed before picking up your spade because bad technique could mean back pain.

New research from experts at Coventry University shared by Science Daily has found that a bad digging style could have the affect of as much as double the load on the joints of your body, putting gardeners at risk of injuring themselves.

The UK’s 27 million gardeners should be following good gardening practice of digging in regular, repetitive motions with minimal back bend and a big knee bend.

Bad posture was characterised in the research with pronounced forward bending, over-stretching limbs and making erratic movements.

The researchers found that loads on the lumbar region of the back could be increased by 50 per cent for a bad posture, and back pain is the chronic ailment gardeners are most likely to suffer from.

Shoulders are also sensitive where double the load was generated by bad digging technique in the study.

Expert in biomechanics at Coventry University’s Institute for Future Transport and Cities Dr James Shippen said: “Many of our findings agree with received wisdom on good digging techniques which has been accumulated over many years but now we can provide quantitative evidence to support that opinion on what makes a good digging style.”

Being mindful of your back is important if you are adopting one of TV gardener Monty Don’s trends for horticulture this year, which includes using a scythe to keep your lawn looking its best in 2018.

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