If you love nothing more than tending to your garden or allotment, you probably already understand the benefits of spending some time outdoors sowing seeds, tending plants and watering your flowerbeds.

For some, gardening has become a lifeline that has helped them deal with traumatic events in their lives, and that has improved their mental health.

The Guardian recently highlighted a project based in London that runs therapeutic gardening sessions for those suffering from mental health problems.

Gemma Eke, a horticultural therapist who works on the project, explained that gardening has been found to have many benefits for people from all walks of life.

“There’s research to show that looking at pictures of plants lowers your blood pressure or has calming effects,” she explained.

It can also provide a boost to your physical health, she added, noting that there are benefits of “moving and being active in a more gentle way”.

Those participating in the programme all say that it helps them feel calm and gives them a way to engage with others in their community, who they can talk to about their problems. If you’re lucky enough to have your own garden, getting out and doing some planting could help you too.

The Belfast Telegraph recently highlighted some of the health benefits gardening can bring, noting that it can help relieve stress, as well as boost your physical fitness. It’s also a good pastime to take up if you’re working on practising mindfulness, because working with your hands to care for plants encourages you to enjoy the present moment.

Another reason why gardening can be good for you is that it helps you become more aware of natural cycles. By gardening you’re brought into direct contact with nature’s cycles, from the seasons to the weather.

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