It looks as though the UK is in for a stormy autumn, with AccuWeather predicting that 2017 could be the stormiest year on record.

According to the meteorologists, a total of seven named storms are forecast to hit British shores before Christmas. Storm Aileen has already brought strong winds to UK shores this year, with six more storms expected to follow over the coming months.

To put this in context, last year just three named storms made land in the UK before Christmas, while in 2015 five storms battered the UK.

Of course, our gardens are vulnerable to damage at this time of the year, especially with high winds and lashing rain potentially on the way. So, it pays to make the most of the good weather now to ensure your outdoor area is ready when the weather turns.

Earlier this month, Saga Magazine suggested a number of jobs to do in the garden this month. Among them is to tie climbing plants in to protect them from strong winds, and to cut back perennials like rock roses and achillea to give them a chance to put on fresh growth before the temperatures plummet and frosts arrive.

If you have a vegetable plot, you need to make sure you regularly harvest any remaining produce so that you don’t lose it to an unexpected frost.

Regular weeding is also important at this time of the year, as is collecting up the leaves from the likes of courgette and rhubarb plants so that you can put them into your compost before they turn to mush.

If all of that sounds like a lot of work, you might want some help with planting in Flintshire to make sure that you’ve got everything in order before winter arrives.