There has been a great deal of sun and hot weather recently, and even if you have the best decking Flintshire has to offer, you may still have found being out in the garden hard.

Yes, but that is what you must do if you are a gardener. Many of us have been up since the crack of dawn, and out until sundown watering our plants in recent weeks, as well as trying to keep our lawns hydrated.

There is an alternative however, and I don’t mean just waiting for the Great British weather to turn back to its rainy usual self. I mean using drought-proof plants in your garden.

When you pick your plants you need to keep a number of things in mind, how easy they are to grow, whether they will contribute to a year round border, and yes, whether you like the look of them or not. But have you considered how drought resistant they are?

With a hot summer on the horizon, and many more to come, it might be time to invest in some of these species:

Lavender – hailing from the south of France this herb isn’t bothered by the odd hot and dry spot, but is still well acclimated to our English weather. It smells lovely too.

Bamboo – it isn’t just for pandas. Ornamental bamboo is a great addition to many gardens, and can even be cut down and used for its canes afterwards.

Juniper – another herb that looks and smells great in any garden. Get a culinary variety so you can eat the seeds.

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