It’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to take that first step on the property ladder. While homeownership may be a distant dream for many, renting doesn’t have to mean you can’t decorate your house like it’s your own home… and the garden is a great place to start.

Of course, with renting you’re more likely to move house more frequently than if you buy but a relocation doesn’t have to mean leaving your beautiful garden behind. There is another option if you don’t want to have to start all over again!

Garden designer Tanya Batkin has come up with the idea of a Moveable Feast Garden, which she will be showcasing at the new RHS Chatsworth House Flower Show taking place between June 7th and 11th. She explained that you can make the most of small spaces by choosing different plants to create year-round interest in your garden, using both flowering ornamental plants and edible ones as well.

“My daughter is ‘generation rent’ with a tiny outdoor space – we are talking one pot. She had to have something bombproof, so we went for some succulents, some houseleeks,” she was quoted by the Express & Star as saying. “If you have room for a half barrel, you could put in one bamboo, some grasses and a heuchera, which is great for all-year-round interest. It gives you a nice combination of form and foliage.”

If you’re new to gardening, it can be difficult to decide what to plant when and where, so if you do need a bit of help give us a call at Oasis Landscapes. We specialise in planting in Flintshire so you can count on us for expert advice!