With the festive season well and truly upon us, you’re probably thinking about digging the Christmas decorations out of the attic (if you haven’t already), decking the halls with tinsel, hanging baubles on the tree and generally making your abode a full expression of yule joy.

But one landscape gardener has urged us not to overlook our green spaces as we get our homes ready for Christmas.

Writing for the Express, Alan Titchmarsh suggested that “a few glamorous plant displays” can put your visitors in “a festive mood”.

And the best thing is that he’s not recommending splashing lots of cash, simply using your existing plants and features to bring some of that Christmas feeling to your outdoor space too.

One of his top tips is to dress your doorstep, with two potted and same-shaped yew or bay trees, or even box hedges, on either side of your front door. Decorating these with a few baubles, some ribbon or even adding fake berries can all have the desired effect, he asserted.

Mr Titchmarsh also recommends taking your hanging baskets down for the festive season and replacing them with a couple of hanging lanterns. Evergreen pot plants can also be turned into festive features with the right decorations, he added.

If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, you could call in some experts to help you with planting in Flintshire and plant your own Christmas tree. Even if it’s still relatively small this year, you can still make use of it with the right baubles and lights, and look forward to when it’s more impressive in 12 months’ time.