If you have a dog you’ll well know the challenges of stopping your inquisitive pet escaping to explore the wider world, but that’s not the only reason why you might want to animal proof your garden.

Anyone who keeps guinea pigs, bunnies or chickens may well want to have a robust fence that acts as a deterrent to foxes, for instance, and if you’re lucky enough to live in the countryside you may also want to stop the likes of deer getting into your garden and eating your plants.

So, what can you do to animal proof your garden effectively? The obvious place to start is by fitting fencing.

According to BT Lifestyle, which cited advice from the Royal Horticultural Society, fences to keep deer out need to be tall and robust. You should also avoid leaving any gaps under the fence, as these creatures can be known to squeeze under obstacles as well as jump over them.

Obviously, if you have a dog a high fence isn’t going to go amiss either, as it will prevent your pooch from jumping out of the garden.

Foxes, however, can be trickier to exclude from your garden, as fences are unlikely to keep them out. If you’re worried about a fox getting to any pets or chickens you keep, make sure they are in a very secure coop or hutch overnight, rather than leaving them out in a more open run.

According to the RSPCA, another good way to deter foxes from entering your garden is to plant prickly plants, and to make sure that you remove any potential food supplies from your garden. That includes windfall fruit, spillages from wild bird feeders and any fruit or vegetables you’re growing.