At this time of year we have nature’s wonderful show of colour as summer turns to autumn and the leaves change from a vibrant green to vivid shades of orange, red and gold. But once we’re out of autumn and moving into winter, the outdoor world can look a little bleak.

One solution can be to add plants that have berries to your garden, with Kent Online recently offering some advice about the types of bushes and shrubs to choose, as well as a few things to watch out for.

Holly is one of the most commonly known berry-bearing plants, but the news provider explained that you need to ensure you have both a male and female plant in your garden, otherwise you probably won’t get the red berries you’re looking for.

Other plants that produce colourful berries include the berberis, such as B darwinii, which produces blue-black fruits; and bushes in the cotoneaster family, with some producing large red berries while others offer smaller and more subtle flashes of colour.

If you aren’t sure where to begin with your planting in Flintshire, get some help from someone who can give you a hand picking out the most suitable varieties for your garden, as well as ensuring they’re placed in the best positions.

Alternatively you could look at bringing some colour to your indoor space this winter, to complement the reds of the berries that are appearing in your shrubs. The Guardian advised potting up some hippeastrum bulbs.

The newspaper noted that these plants like sunny, warm spots and that if you plant them now and take good care of them, they will bloom in time for Christmas. Their crimson flowers are the perfect festive addition.